"Joseph Merrick" song was recorded from Prowlers in the Bander Point studio in 2001, during the spring.

The genre id different from the previous album, it has a 70's feel and it's divided in two parts, the first one can be considered a semi-acoustic ballad, while the second one is a prog/electric rock with powerful tunes.

The lyrics are about emargination, the song talk about the story of Joseph Merrick also known as "The Elephant Man", a man with heavy deformities (Proteus syndrome) who lived in Englnd in the second half of the 19th century.

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Alessandro Santoriello

Francesco Vichi

Luca Segatori

Sebastian Magni Markowicz
Bass Guitar

Massimo Trivento


16-07-2018: Live@FiestaGlobàl 2018

Saturday the 21st of July 2018 at 9.15 PM  Prowlers will play on the main stage of the venue Fiesta Globàl in Montefabbri (PU) for the contest "Playing for a stage".
Come to see the final match!
For info about the venue visite the...

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07-07-2018: Live@Zoe Microfestival'

Prowlers will play at Zoe' Microfestival (Pesaro - Italy) on the 15th of July.
Zoe Microfestival will start on the 11th of July and will end on the 15th, during this venue many bands will play and there will be a lot of artistic performances. Prowlers show w...

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Freak Parade is Prowlers second concept album, conceived and recorded between 2013 and 2015, published in 2016, several years after their first work, "The Shadow of Tomorrow".

A long and complex project featuring many different styles and arrangements: from folk to rock, to prog and hard'n' heavy each of the 10 songs can truly be considered as a key point of the band growth, a journey into their lives changements.

Discomfort, emargination, loss and distrust the whole album seeps darkness and introspection, resignation and sadness, becoming the last farewell to those friends who are prematurely passed by.

A journey into friendship, as so many friends collaborated with the band as special guests, whether they musicians, artists, photographers, video makers, make up artists, costumes designers?

This USB drive is the result of passion and hard work. It contains the full album playlist (10 songs), this mini-website and "Joseph Merrick" - the first video clip Prowlers video shoot in 2011 and, last but not least, a booklet, featuring all the artworks conceived for this album by Prowlers friends.

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