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Prowlers started playing in Pesaro, Italy, in 2004. At the beginning they were mainly a cover band, which used to play locally in clubs and pubs. Prowlers were originally formed by: Luca Segatori (vocal and guitar), Alex Santoriello (lead guitar), Leo Ruggeri (bass guitar) and Giuseppe Del Bianco (drums).

After some years Prowlers published their first EP of their songs: "The Shadow of Tomorrow", a hard and seminal work, characterize by a hard'n'heavy style.

After some year the band improved and change their soound in a prog and glam feel, they start to arrange song more complex and introspective. In 2011 they published a song called "Joseph Merrick" and, in the same year, they videoshoot their first videoclip, a huge production featuring more than 60 between actors and background actors.

In 2013 Massimo Trivento (keyboard) joined the band, meanwhile Prowlers started working on the new album, "Freak Parade". The full project, from the first ideas to the whole recording and the graphic concept, took more than 3 years, and it?s only in 2016 that the band can finally considered it ready to be presented to its public.

In 2017 Francesco Vichi and Sebastian Magni Marcowicz joined the band replacing Giuseppe Del Bianco at drums and Leo Ruggeri at bass.

Prowlers continues performing, they are now working on new, personal amazing projects.


Alessandro Santoriello

Francesco Vichi

Luca Segatori

Sebastian Magni Markowicz
Bass Guitar

Massimo Trivento

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